Our fans are our inspiration for VEGLO’s Nut and Fruit Bars:

“Veglo's are the bars I take with me on my rides. I cycle 230km a week. They give me the boost of energy just when I need it, great texture, it's all natural. 

The other great thing is the packaging, it's easy to undo when riding so there's no need to slow down or stop when you're up to speed. I cycled from London to Bordeaux this summer and stocked up with the bars to keep me going. A fantastic product.”


Terry, 58, Bordeaux, France

“My daughter brought some Veglo's back from a recent trip to London. We simply loved them and couldn’t wait for a batch to be delivered. Veglo’s: Very tasty, high energy snack bars made from heartwarming recipes of a combination of good, healthy ingredients and a hint of honest home cooking. Eat one and you will want another”


Sebastian & Liz Smith, Montauroux, France


“The surprise hit of our festival .. The Sunnyfield... Glo bars. Everyone loved them and kept the kids running around for hours. So wonderful to give the them a convenient snack guilt free. They even helped to reenergise the grown ups the morning after the night before. With Veglo’s you can go far!”


Sasha and Phil


“I love these bars, they have really helped with my digestive problem. I used to take a liquid product to aid my constipation. A real bore when I go on holiday or visit friends for the weekend. Within 24 hours of trying Veglo's for the first time my balance was restored and I felt so much better. We probably don't eat enough roughage but the balance of oats, nuts and fruits in these bars provide me with all the things I need. I now have a little stack at home and they're so convenient I can take them with me everywhere.”


Barbara, 85, Kent, UK